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Advanced Teaching Methodology

We’ve designed our classes to be highly interactive and engaging while also being extremely practical.

There are no lecturers, or teachers. We believe that learning from digital marketing professionals is the most effective way to learn the subject. You will be taught by experienced digital marketers at High Qualify.


Digital Marketing Course

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With the job market changing rapidly, increasing layoffs, and a lack of resources, it is more important than ever for working professionals to upskill, cross-skill, or choose a new career path. Working professionals who wish to move up the ladder must keep up with industry trends, which is why High Qualify’s Digital marketing course is ideal for them.



There is a growing market for working people who do have digital marketing expertise on their resume. It demonstrates that you are a keen learner who keeps up with the new job demands. A digital marketing certificate course will fit perfectly on your resume.



his program will prepare you how to understand digital enterprise from an entrepreneurial standpoint. After receiving complete training in the most advanced digital marketing course, you may wish to start your own business. You may work as a consultant, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur.

What Makes Us Different?

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Coaching & Mentorship

Isn't YouTube enough for learning? But how many people are able to learn effectively from YouTube? Learning is just one aspect of the puzzle. It's essential that someone keep an eye on you as you embark on this life-changing trip. You will have direct live contact with all of your coaches at High Qualify.

Instructor-led Live Online Classes

We believe that live-online classes are the perfect way to learn digital marketing after teaching hundreds of students and hearing dozens of success stories. It provides students with the convenience, fun, and interactivity in the classroom that motivates them to not only attend classes, 

Industry Expert Trainers

here are no lecturers, teachers, or instructors. We believe that learning from digital marketing professionals is the most effective way to learn the subject. You will be taught by seasoned digital marketers at High Qualify.

Most Advanced Course

Partially studying is not something we believe in. We just concentrate on one thing: offering a comprehensive 4-month Digital Marketing course that covers everything from the basics to advanced topics.

Course Contents

Here’s what you will learn in this entire course of 3 months

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

In this module you will learn principles of digital marketing. We will also learn to develop objectives and Digital Research.

Google Ads & PPC

Learn how to use Google Ads to boost your PPC skills, bid on auctions, and build a targeted marketing campaign. Optimize your campaigns, and much more.

Shopping Ads

The most focused, highly convertible, and cost-effective traffic comes from the Google Shopping network. You will learn to get steady sales with a high ROAS with the right setup.

Social Media Marketing

Bring your brand's story to life on all correct channels. Learn how to build a community around your product or service. Redefine your targeted audience. 

Display & Video Ads

Learn to setup a YouTube channel, manage, and optimize it. Get creative with visual formats and target, test, and grow the use of the Google Display Network.


This module will give you an overview of available options to start e-commerce business. we will cover Shopify & woocommeerce advanced setup

Lead Generation

You will learn field tested strategies to generate leads using different platforms . build buyer personas and grow your conversion rates.

Content Marketing

This module will teach you how to develop content that speaks to people at the right time and through the appropriate platforms. Tracking and evaluating performance will help you figure out what works best for you.


Basic Practical course

Course Duration = 30 days
Theory = 20 Days
Practical = 10 Days
Original Course Fee = 12,000
8400 Monthly
  • Facebook Introduction, Profile Setting, Scope, Importance & Requirements
  • Facebook Business Page Creation & Setup
  • Facebook Business Page Branding
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook Meta Business Introduction & Basic Setting
30% discount

Advance Practical course

Course Duration = 30 days
Theory = 20 Days
Practical = 10 Days
Original Course Fee = 25,000
16250 Monthly
  • Basic Stratgy, Sales etc
  • Importance of Branding
  • Research Audience (Audience Testng)
  • Winning Products
  • Laser Target
  • Ads Testing
  • Funnel Targeting
  • Different Stratgy of Targeting
  • How to Test Scale Campaign
  • How to get Quality Leads
35% discount

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